Grace Manor cares for and loves each resident for who they are now, without the emotional conflict that family members experience by remembering them as they used to be. Family members can leave the care to us and return to being daughters, sons and spouses, knowing that their loved one is in a comforting and secure environment. The philosophy of care developed and embraced by the staff centers on caring for residents like family members and recognizing and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual.

We invite you to read what our residents’ families say about us:

“I sleep free of worry since my mother moved into Grace Manor. Knowing she is safe, secure and well-cared-for sure makes life a lot easier.”Kyle S., family member
“Grace Manor provided loving, competent, compassionate care to my mother and our family. My prayer was that she be able to remain under their tender care until her passing … the family of caregivers at Grace Manor enabled that. This allowed me to be a daughter, and not a nurse, to my mother. I will forever be grateful.”Diane W., family member
“ln addition to a very professional job by the staff, the facility was well laid out, spotlessly clean, cheerfully decorated and highly secure- all of these things gave me a high level of confidence that my mother would be both safe and well-cared for.”Martin H., family member
“We visited Mill Creek Manor in person. It was fine. I had no issues with them. The room was fine, and it was well taken care of. They have a TV room, and they have daily activities like arts and crafts. The staff who assisted me appeared to be very caring and very sincere.”
SC, Visitor

See this 5 star review on Caring.com.

“If/when I am old and my faculties fail me, I want to live at Grace Manor at Lake Morton. Apart from the place being super clean and free of the typical ‘old folks home’ smell, the staff is genuinely kind and loving, patient and tolerant. I heard countless warm greetings of residents: ‘Hello beautiful’ to one, ‘My, your yellow flower is lovely’ to another. One staff member even called out to a resident, ‘I love you,’ and then went back to kiss the woman’s forehead. It’s one thing to take care of a person’s physical needs and quite another to take care of their emotions.”Amber G., family member